Control of chemicals during operation

Every chemical product requires parameter control. We will help you complete the proven equipment for this, which we also use ourselves.

Surface preparation | SteelWaterproof pocket pH-meter CP-105


Used to measure pH, mV, redox potential and temperature. A pocket-sized, simple instrument with good technical performance.

The GPX-105s head features a durable pH electrode from Australian company Ionode of unusual design with an 'intermediate link' to protect the actual electrode link from clogging. It provides stable measurement in domestic wastewater, soil and semi-solids where other electrodes quickly lose efficiency. A suitable electrode sleeve is selected according to requirements. Works for many years subject to systematic maintenance.


- A simple pocket instrument with good technical features.
- Measures pH, redox potential and temperature.
- Depending on the head used, measurement of the pH of pure water, contaminated water or redox potential.
- The display allows observation of one selected function.
- Calibration of the pH electrode at 1 to 3 fixed points (4.00, 7.00, 9.00 pH).
- Automatic detection of buffer pH value.
- It is not possible to read the parameters of the pH electrode.
- There is no way of remembering the results or connecting to a computer.

Control of chemistry during operation pH meter CP-411
Control of chemistry during operation pH meter CP-411



It is used to measure pH, mV (redox potential) and temperature.
The instrument is sold with a temperature sensor CT2B-121 with a Pt-1000B resistor and a standard pH electrode EPS-1 used for clean water. For liquids with sediment, wastewater, pastes and direct soil pH measurements, the durable IJ44A electrode from Australian company Ionode is recommended, with an unusual design with an 'intermediate link' protecting the actual electrode link from clogging. It provides stable measurement in liquids in which other electrodes quickly lose efficiency. The prerequisite for many years of operation is its correct systematic maintenance.


- The large, easy-to-read display allows the measured function and temperature to be read simultaneously.
- The waterproof housing (IP-66) allows operation in harsh environments.
- The low weight and dimensions make it easy to work in the field.
- Long-term laboratory operation possible with power supply (optional).
- Calibration of the pH electrode in 1 to 3 points (pH: 4.00, 7.00, 9.00).
- Automatic detection of buffer pH value.
- Automatic temperature compensation.
- Depending on the pH electrode used, it is possible to measure pure water, waste water, pastes, etc.
- Possibility to read the slope of the electrode characteristics and zero offset.
- Possibility to automatically convert the result of a redox potential measurement with a chlorosilver electrode to a hydrogen electrode.
- Wide temperature measurement range.
- Internal memory for up to 50 results.
- Extremely simple operation.
- Works with a temperature sensor with a Pt-1000B resistor.
- Powered by battery (9 V) or 12 V power supply.
- Automatic switch-off protects against battery discharge.
- Warranty on the instrument 24 months.
- The instrument comes with a memory stick with a video to help you master the basics of operation.

Titration kit

The concentration of a solution is by far the most important parameter. It tells you how much of the concentrated chemical is in solution. It is most often expressed as a percentage.

The concentration tells us whether our chemistry is strong enough to wash and apply the conversion coating. If the concentration is too low, we will not be able to degrease the parts properly. When the concentration is too high - we are in danger of applying too thick a conversion coating.

A simple titration kit is required to determine the concentration:

- Schilling automatic burette 10 ml with 500 ml PP reservoir - 1 pc.
- PP low beaker 250ml - 2 pc
- 100 ml conical flask - 2 pieces
- Measuring cylinder PP 25 ml - 1 pc
- Bottle dropper 30 ml - 1 pc
- NaOH solution 0.1 mol/L (1L) - 1 item
- phenolphthalein solution in alcohol - 1 pc
Control of chemicals during operation

Shortened cleaning process

Kairos products make it possible to reduce the number of steps in the washing process to three

Fast and thorough drying

Kairo-SURF products make it possible: increasing the drying temperature to 230°C.

Low energy consumption

Low-temperature surface preparation technology reduces energy costs by up to 69%

Even 50% lower chemical costs

Compared to conventional iron phosphating, up to 50% decreases in chemical operating costs are observed.
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A systemic approach

At Kairos, we have developed a detailed process for implementing our solutions. It consists of 6 main steps.

  1. Understanding the needs and defining the scope of the project.
  2. Presentation of a technical proposal supported by laboratory tests if necessary.
  3. Carrying out technology trials at the Partner.
  4. Joint validation of sample results.
  5. Decision to put the product into regular production.
  6. Service and support during operation.

Every paint shop is a new environment and a new challenge for us, which we approach with ambition and openness, and we ask a lot of questions during the process of implementing Kairos chemistry. We do this just to understand the situation and challenges of the paint shop in question. This allows us to propose a solution that works and generates savings.

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There is no better indicator to describe technology than customer satisfaction. Over the years, we have helped many of them achieve success by streamlining the surface preparation process for painting. See what others have achieved by opting out of metal phosphating.
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I have been using the chemistry for the preparation of aluminium and black steel for many months, the quality of the products is still as good. Express shipping, zero problems, technical support for free, at my fingertips, a matter of making a phone call. More companies like this.

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Savings in the paint shop

I would like to share and recommend Kairos Chemistry. A very effective means of preparing surfaces before painting . It really works at a low temperature compared to other agents of this type. And with proper maintenance the chemistry lasts a long time.

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If you are looking to save money on surface preparation processes prior to powder coating, we have proven solutions for your process.

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We are experts in reducing the costs of preparing metal surfaces for painting. We reduce energy costs and simplify the preparation process. Without compromising on quality.


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