We are a rapidly growing company offering an alternative technology to phosphating that reduces the cost of surface preparation for powder coating.
We would be delighted to introduce Kairos technology and the savings from using it in your business. Let's get to know each other!
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We are experts in reducing the costs of preparing metal surfaces for painting. We reduce energy costs and simplify the preparation process. Without compromising on quality.


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    I have been using the chemistry for the preparation of aluminium and black steel for many months, the quality of the products is still as good. Express shipping, zero problems, technical support for free, at my fingertips, a matter of making a phone call. More companies like this.


    I would like to share and recommend Kairos Chemistry. A very effective means of preparing surfaces before painting . It really works at a low temperature compared to other agents of this type. And with proper maintenance the chemistry lasts a long time.


    Our customersKairos Company cooperates

    With customers in the steel industry and manufacturers of large and small steel fabrications. We supply our technology to mass production plants as well as small powder coating plants.