Implementation of Kairos technology in a warehouse racking factory

The introduction of new technologies into industrial processes is a subject that always raises many emotions and questions. However, in the case of this implementation of Kairos technology, we are definitely dealing with a positive example of a change that has brought a lot of benefits to the manufacturer of storage rack components.

The implementation took place in a company specialising in the production of storage racks, but the factory also has a service business of offering painting services. One of the key processes within the services provided is surface washing using phosphates to prepare the surface for powder coating. Previously, this process consisted of several steps, requiring the use of several chemical products, with a relatively high washing temperature of 55°C.


Zone 1 - washing with phosphate, temp. approx. 55 C

2. rinsing

3. DEMI flushing

4 Passivation

Several products were used: phosphate, passivation, pH adjustment.

The introduction of Kairos technology has helped to simplify the process, which now consists of only one product and three rinsing steps.


1. Kairo-SURF PFAR, 0.7%, temp 27 C

2. rinsing

3. rinsing

4. DEMI flushing


While we do not have a direct comparison of energy costs (measurements are ongoing), we do know that with lower operating temperatures, and the use of low operating concentrations, costs should be significantly reduced.

The introduction of this modern technology has brought many benefits to the plant, such as:

  • lower operating temperature, saving on heating costs,
  • low working concentrations, reducing chemical consumption,
  • use of a single product, which has simplified the process and reduced costs,
  • a safe product that does not endanger the health of workers.

The above-described implementation on a warehouse racking paint line is a good example of how the introduction of modern technology can have a positive effect on a company, improve processes and increase occupational safety.