Packard renovation next stage

If you have been following our corporate blog you will remember that not too long ago we wrote about a long-term project that we have had the pleasure of looking into for some time now. We are referring to restoration of a 1934 Packard Twelve Club Sedan 1107 car.

When we received the next package of photographs, we were convinced that Mr Artur Kubieniec is a man of action, and an artist with a capital "A". His skills once again left us stunned.

The Packard Twelve is one of the most luxurious American cars of the 1930s, with a total of around 35,000 produced

We are delighted that our collaboration continues and the complex restoration process is nearing completion. In this post, we wanted to highlight the unique technique used to varnish the elements in the interior. The wood imitation pattern made by Mr Arthur is amazing. Not to mention that Mr Artur saved a lot of money by doing it himself. American companies specialising in restoring old cars charge as much as USD 10 000 for a similar service.

The results of this work in a small photo gallery from Mr Arthur.