We're helping to restore a 1934 Packard 1107!

Renovation of an old vehicle using an alternative and safe surface preparation method

At the beginning of the year, we received a call from Mr Artur Kubieniec. He was looking for a solution for simple surface preparation for painting, which he could carry out in his garage and would not need to heat the solution to high temperatures. After a short conversation, it turned out that the components he wanted to wash and powder coat were from the Packard's 1934 Twelve Club Sedan 1107 !!!

We love people with passion! They are TURBO positive people who, in addition, are able to talk about this passion in such a way that they infect others.

The old man has fallen into the hands of Mr Arthur and is currently undergoing restoration. The parts are initially treated with "negro hair" and then blasted. Mr Arthur has moved away from shotblasting due to the excessive aggressiveness of this process. Therefore surface preparation is carried out with our Kairo-SURF PF. Washing is carried out by spraying at temperatures of up to 25 degrees C with simultaneous application of a conversion coating. Depending on the type of component, RAL 9005 semi-matte or gloss, RAL 6020 smooth gloss are used as powder coatings. Among other things, there is a fine structure that is resistant to high temperatures. It is rarely possible to go in with a primer - and this is due to the incredibly tight dimensional tolerances of the parts. More than once, it turns out that one layer of powder is too thick and has to be re-sanded.

This kind of restoration is a truly Benedictine job, especially when it came to the electrical system - the age of the car and the dirt meant that the harnesses had to be gone through by hand wire by wire. The car looks like it's taken out of a film about the days of the Great Prohibition, and it feels like Al Capone himself is about to get out of it 😉 .
Anyway, see some photos for yourself.