Comparison of Kairo-SURF and phosphating technologies

History knows of many instances where excellent, innovative technologies have languished forgotten in drawers and laboratories. It was the case with the first electric cars, which were developed in the 19th century, and it was the case with Damascus steel, the ability to manufacture which disappeared after the 17th century. One of the more common reasons for this is a lack of willingness to learn about novelty. Meanwhile, a modern approach to the classics generates savings and gives you a competitive edge. It is no different with our most innovative product Kairo-SURF.

In order to present the advantages most effectively Kairo-SURF chemistry for surface preparation prior to powder coating, we compared it with the well-known and widely used phosphating technology.

Chemical surface cleaning before painting 


Alkaline pre-washing takes place at a high temperature of more than 50 °C.

The need for very thorough rinsing after pre-washing. Washed components, as a result of surface tension, can 'take' large quantities of bath chemicals with them, and room design constraints often necessitate shortened drip zones. As a result of the above engineering requirements, the conversion coating bath can be damaged by chemical cleaning agents.


The chemistry allows simultaneous washing with the application of the conversion coating is carried out at 25-27 °C.

Washing with conversion is usually carried out in a single step, allowing the entire process to be shortened, and possible bath transfer is not a risk. The technology allows the use of a backward cascade to reduce water consumption.

Chemicals - safety


Chemicals used to clean and degrease surfaces are hazardous to the health of operators

It requires the use of several chemical products in the process: pre-washing agent, additives to improve the wash, additives to correct the pH, a product to form a conversion coating, possibly fluoride additives (treatment of aluminium and zinc) not infrequently toxic.


Kairo-SURF products are classified as "irritant". - are characterised by greater safety for operators.

This is one chemical for washing and applying the conversion coating

Surface preparation process for painting


Need to control the parameters of multiple products.

Working within very narrow parameter ranges.

Complicated, time- and resource-intensive measurement methods to control the phosphatisation process or requiring expensive equipment and reagents.

The need to use several chemical products on the paint line makes it difficult to dose and manage resources.


Control of only one chemical.

The bath works correctly over a wide pH range of 4.5 - 5.5. The process is controlled practically only by measuring the concentration.

The process is controlled by measuring concentration (simple titration with a sodium hydroxide solution) and pH.

Easy process automation, e.g. the use of a dosing pump controlled by a pH probe or constant dosing simplifies the operation of the paint line

DEMI water use and production waste


The need to use DEMI water, with a recommendation for use at each stage.

Sludge when phosphates are used in pre-washing


We use process water to prepare the bath. If a DEMI station is present in the paint shop, DEMI water can be used in the final rinse.

The products do not contain phosphates - for this reason, there is no sludge in tanks and collectors.

We have outlined the many benefits for any powder coating plant of using the Kairo Surf product for surface preparation prior to painting. If you have any questions about implementing this technology at your facility, please feel free to contact.