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Case study

We present concrete examples and benefits of using Kairos products with examples of implementations in Polish production companies and powder coating plants.

For our client operating on a large automated production line, we have implemented our innovative technology for surface washing prior to powder coating, which has enabled a significant reduction in gas consumption in the manufacturing process of gymnastics equipment. Thanks to individual gas meters on the burners, we were able to accurately determine that previously the daily gas consumption was around 210-220 m3 when operating around 10 hours per day, whereas now the company only needs 9-10 m3 of gas per day.

The introduction of new technologies into industrial processes is a subject that always raises many emotions and questions. However, in the case of this implementation of Kairos technology, we are definitely dealing with a positive example of a change that has brought a lot of benefits to the manufacturer of storage rack components.

Rising energy costs are forcing manufacturing companies to review their processes for potential areas where energy costs, including gas consumption for example, can be reduced. One such area is the traditional surface preparation process for powder coating (phosphating). The implementation of Kairos products significantly reduces energy costs while improving the quality parameters of the conversion coating created. Moreover, lowering the surface preparation temperature does not require additional investment, and gas consumption decreases from the first minute of implementation. A major furniture handle manufacturer has benefited from the advantages of our technology.

Lack of paint adhesion on aluminium parts. Paint chipping when drilling holes and setting rivet bushings. Complaints from customers. These are the three main problems that occurred in the process of preparing surfaces for painting on the production line for ventilation system components.

One of the largest manufacturers of bathroom radiators in southern Poland has implemented Kairos chemicals for low-temperature surface preparation. For years, the company had been using classic products such as iron phosphating. The products worked at temperatures of over 50 ºC.